Not All Medical Staffing Agencies Are the Same |

Not All Medical Staffing Agencies Are the Same

Not All Medical Staffing Agencies Are the Same

Working in an industry such as healthcare requires staff to provide around-the-clock care for their patients. However, just like in every other industry, healthcare staff need time off as well, whether it be for medical or personal reasons.

Partnering with a medical staffing agency will allow you to fill the role in their absence while continuing the level of care your patients expect and deserve. But because not all medical staffing agencies are the same, how do you know which firm will best suit the needs of your unique facility?

Consider the following factors to ensure you partner with the right medical staffing agency next time you have a “temp to hire” emergency.

Look at their website as a first impression 

The information on a company’s website is an excellent indicator of what the agency is all about. Read through the content on the site to better understand their mission statement and the information regarding their team and culture. You will get a good idea if the agency can provide your business with the best resources and most qualified talent.

Take the screening process seriously

After checking the website, call to set up a phone or in-person meeting to learn more about the agency’s screening and credentialing processes. This step is a significant one and shouldn’t be taken lightly, as your patients will be directly impacted based on who you choose to hire. If the agency you decide to work with doesn’t adequately screen their healthcare professionals, your business could be negatively affected.

Read through reviews and address any concerns

– For an unbiased opinion, check out any reviews that are offered online regarding the agency you’re interested in working with. In addition to reading the information located in the testimonial section of the agency’s website, ask your network of partners if they have any experience with the staffing firm you want to hire.

Choose quality over quantity

Many healthcare facilities make the mistake of working with several staffing agencies at once, keeping multiple options open in the event an emergency should happen. While the strategy seems to make sense, it can cause inconsistency among patient care.

Partnering with a single staffing agency will allow you to establish clear, ongoing communication while building a healthy working relationship to ensure the quality and consistency of patient care. When the staffing agency becomes more familiar with your facility, they can better provide you with healthcare professionals who will best suit your patient’s needs.

Choosing a medical staffing agency may seem like a simple process, but choosing one that best fits your organization takes time, effort, and research. By carefully selecting which firm to hire, you can give the patients of your facility the quality care they deserve.

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