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Michael E

I appreciate the follow up regarding my well being with in my position. It is amazing that it has already been almost 8 months since I started working on this temporary to permanent contract through Healthcare Support. It has been quite challenging from day one learning a new job which was quite different out of all my previous jobs I have had so far in the medical field. I had enjoy the system and what I do everyday the moment I sit down at my desk- something like the CEO from Humana feels on a short video as he describes his everyday feelings as “invigorating”.

Working in the approval request department where we call our members after with the final outcome has taught me how precious and delicate life is. To be that voice that members are eagerly waiting to hear about the status of their referral and as to whether they will have the awaiting medical procedure; the diagnostic imaging study for further treatment on their recent diagnosis; the medication so desperately needed to alleviate their pain, discomfort or illness treatment; the desired medical equipment needed to alleviate their daily needs are just some of the examples on how much and valuable my job is. It is in their voices of gratefulness that makes me be “there” for our members and value and appreciate what I do. Thank you!

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