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Medical Records Specialist

Are you detail-oriented, meticulous and eager to learn? Do you grasp technical information and adapt to new technology quickly? If so, then a career as a medical records specialist might just be right for you.

Medical record specialists, as the name implies, maintain patient records in healthcare facilities like doctors’ offices, clinics, and hospitals. This data includes information on test results, patient exams, patient medical history, and treatments. They check the data for accuracy, assign the required coding and store the information in the proper physical or electronic folders and storage facility so it can be retrieved easily by authorized healthcare providers.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average medical record specialist in the U.S. earns an annual salary of $39,180. They estimate that the number of these positions will grow by approximately 13 percent over the next decade.

  • Education — An associate degree in medical records is desirable, but not required, for this position. In many cases, however, a state certification is necessary to work in this field.
  • Skills — Medical records specialists need to know about coding and health insurance laws. They should also be familiar with HIPAA privacy rules and security best practices.