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Medical Assistant Job Information

A medical assistant is responsible for completing a variety of administrative and clinical tasks for physicians and medical professionals. Much of their responsibilities depend on their office’s specialty and size of practice, but generally a medical assistant is asked to handle paper work and record patient information.

Responsibilities of a medical assistant:

  • Collect and record patient history
  • Measure and record vital signs
  • Assist with examinations and basic lab tests
  • Schedule appointments
  • Prepare samples for testing
  • Answer the telephone and greet patients
  • Handle billing for patients

Some medical assistants receive post-secondary education and receive a certificate. Others start the job with a high school diploma and learn the job through training. The majority of medical assistants are employed at a physician’s office or other healthcare facility.

Some medical assistants spend a large part of their day on their feet helping patients. Others sit behind a desk while handling paper work and telephone calls. In both roles medical assistants are asked to multitask, show compassion when patients aren’t feeling well, and demonstrate interpersonal skills.