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Marketing Manager

As a Marketing Manager, you will report to the Director of Marketing or VP of Sales to develop and refine the company’s advertising and marketing vision. Areas that a Marketing Manager may work in include traffic generation, promotional events, digital marketing, and other public relations activities.

Job Duties

  • Leads marketing efforts based around planning, execution, and positioning in order to promote all products and services
  • Collaborates with appropriate parties to determine marketing directives to support company goals
  • Appropriately prioritizes marketing objectives to support company-wide strategic direction
  • Leads product and project development projects, ensuring that all goals are met on time
  • Manages leads and campaigns in addition to conducting statistical and data analytics

Education and Qualifications

  • Depending on the position, up to 5 years of experience with healthcare marketing or other related field like communications consulting may be required
  • Minimum of a few years of experience in project leadership roles
  • Generally, a Bachelor’s degree is related for any position
  • A Master’s degree is preferred for most positions

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