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Leveny C.

It is rare for me to write an unsolicited letter of praise for a job well done. As a matter of fact, this is the one of the few times I have felt compelled to do so. However, there are certain people who deserve to be recognized for their outstanding service.

I am the Clinic Director for a new clinic and I have had the pleasure of working with your recruiting consultant, Emmanuel B. while searching for new employment. I have found him to be an invaluable asset with remarkable customer care skills as he secured interview dates and follow up appointments for the position I was seeking for.  He was able to relay my strengths and accomplishments to the hiring company in such a way that exemplified me as the best candidate for the job.

I appreciate the large fund of knowledge he possesses and I am impressed by his incredible ability to pass that knowledge along to even the most novice of pupils such as myself. I have found him to be highly professional and so utterly enjoyable to communicate with that I will highly recommend my colleagues who are also in search of new employment to contact your firm.

I thought you should know he has done an exemplary job and I am honored to have this opportunity to recognize his hard work.


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