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How to Engage Your Employees

When it comes to job satisfaction, individuals want to be valued, appreciated, and feel they are a part of the team. Managers who make an effort to engage their employees, will see that their team members are more productive, enthusiastic, and committed to both their work and workplace.

With 70% of U.S. workers feeling unengaged at work according to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report, what can you do to help keep your employees happy?

To help engage your employees, you can start by providing these seven things:

  • Fair pay

    Compensation must be competitive and fair, or employees will seek work elsewhere. (Read Retaining Employees with Good Pay)

  • Shared purpose

    Everyone wants to feel like the work they do is for a purpose. Let employees know how their work makes a positive impact on the business, and they will be more willing to work effectively, cohesively, and as a higher-performing group.

  • Flexible work options

    Those who are students, have families, or work additional jobs, need a career that provides flexible work arrangements. Companies that offer flexible schedules allow their employees to thrive both personally and professionally.

  • Recognition programs

    Incentive programs are a great way to motivate employees and keep them from wanting to quit. Reward those who reach a particular goal with things such as gift cards, lunches, event tickets, etc.

  • Transparent leadership

    To foster a culture of trust between leaders and their employees, senior staff should keep employees updated and informed. Hold bi-weekly meetings where you communicate with your team while getting their feedback or listening to their suggestions.

  • Mentorship programs

    Whether it’s focusing on things such as company culture, improving retention rates, and developing leadership skills, you can help retain great employees by giving them the opportunity to receive personalized training.

  • Structured career paths

    Employees typically feel more engaged when they believe their employer cares about their growth within the organization. Managers should encourage their staff to enhance their skills and expertise, giving them the opportunity to excel in their current job role, receive promotions or begin a new position with the company.

Job retention is a common issue for companies whether big or small. However, when you engage employees with recognition, praise, training, and fair pay, they are more likely to appreciate their jobs and less likely to leave. You should always remember that investing in your employees only benefits your company in the end.

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