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Erika Gomez, Retail Recruiter

My candidate Daisy A. is the most patient, pleasant person I have connected with in a while. When we ‘met’, she was an unemployed Registered Pharmacy Technician in Orlando working a few hours a week in her son’s school because it was the only thing she could find after the owners of the private pharmacy she worked for closed shop and left the country. She interviewed for Davita Rx in a dispensing role- I was SURE she was going to get the job, she is AWESOME. When we did not get an offer for her I was devastated. The interesting feedback was that she was “easy going and positive, but better for another position”- basically too much of a people person for a dispensing role.

Again, Daisy took the criticism and trusted me to find her another position. Finally, the perfect position for her became available and she was immediately offered. She was so happy and grateful and I was equally as happy and grateful for her. It was one of the most rewarding and easy going recruiting experiences I’ve had in a long time.

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