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EMT/Paramedic Job Information

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics assist people who are sick or injured in emergency situations. For 911 medical emergencies, an operator will send EMTs and paramedics to the scene. In many situations they are asked to work with police officers and firefighters.

EMTs and paramedics are usually first to respond to a medical emergency. Upon arrival they are responsible for proving medical treatment and transportation to medical facilities. Emergencies that often require the help of an EMT or paramedic are auto accidents and serious at-home injuries.

Responsibilities of an EMT or paramedic:

  • Provide medical assistance for 911 calls
  • Quickly assess the condition of patients and recommend treatment
  • Safely transport patients to medical facilities by ambulance
  • Communicate the current status of a patient upon arrival at hospital
  • Collect information and create patient care report
  • Replace or clean equipment after use
  • Safely drive an ambulance through traffic in medical emergencies

EMTs and paramedics are required to have several certifications and complete a post-secondary educational program. A CPR certification is required. Most medical emergency programs cover topics about assessing patient conditions, handling trauma, dealing with cardiac emergencies, and using medical technology and equipment.

An emergency medical technician or paramedic will work both indoors and outdoors in all weather conditions. Throughout the day they are tasked with kneeling, bending and lifting. The work of an EMT or paramedic can be physically demanding and stressful as they can deal with car accidents, heart attacks, drowning, shootings, and more. People’s lives depend on the knowledge and quick response of an EMT or paramedic and those in the field must be able to act quickly and think clearly in emergency situations.