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EMR Coordinator

EMR coordinators play an important role in the administrative side of the medical field. An EMR coordinator is responsible for both coordinating and monitoring administrative medical processes. EMR coordinators may work in hospitals, clinics or a variety of other medical environments. Your responsibilities as an EMR coordinator include:

  • planning budgets for a hospital
  • ensuring the right staff are hired
  • training staff to meet the needs of the company
  • overseeing supplies
  • and more

In addition to these more short-term tasks, an EMR coordinator should also look into the future to make plans that are beneficial to the business in the long run. EMR coordinators may also handle various other tasks such as monitoring career development programs and ensuring legal compliance.

To become an EMR coordinator, you’ll have to take a fairly traditional medical career route. This begins with a bachelor’s degree in some sort of healthcare-related field, although it doesn’t have to be any one particular thing. Once you’ve got a bachelor’s, you’ll need to continue your education to obtain a master’s degree since most EMR coordinator positions require you to have a master’s or obtain one within two years of starting with the company. Beyond this, you’ll go through the thorough background check process that you’d expect from any position in the healthcare field. The only experience that may put you in a higher tier of potential job candidates is some sort of business management experience, although that’s certainly not a requirement to work as an EMR coordinator.