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Electronic Medical Records Nurse

An Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Nurse uses modern technology to manage and organize patient health information. They are responsible for categorizing patient medical records and making them accessible and accurate for insurance purposes, physicians, medical personnel, and various databases. Nurses who work in this position are part of a larger field known as health informatics.

Employment opportunities for an Electronic Medical Records Nurse are often found in hospitals and physician offices. Responsibilities of an EMR Nurse include:

  • Electronically record and review patient information
  • Manage and organize data for clinical databases
  • Analyze and assess patient outcomes
  • Secure patient health information for confidentiality

An Electronic Medical Records Nurse is also tasked with ensuring all patient health information is collected and available for medical personnel. Improving overall quality of care and communication between medical professionals and facilities are primary objectives for EMR Nurses.

This position is becoming more valuable because in 2014 the federal health care mandate of “meaningful use” of electronic medical records comes into effect. Healthcare facilities that do not comply with the effort to maintain more detailed electronic medical records may be in jeopardy of losing federal Medicaid and Medicare funds.

Qualifications for Electronic Medical Records Nurse

Most nurses who enter the field have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in nursing. An Electronic Medical Records Nurse must be analytical, detail-oriented, technologically savvy, interpersonal, and have a strong sense of integrity. They discuss patient health records with medical personnel and must be able to exercise caution when communicating confidential information.