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A Concurrent Review Nurse is responsible for managing inpatient and observation services in order to determine if a patient will remain at a healthcare facility or be discharged. By reviewing medical records and assessing medical review standards, a Concurrent Review Nurse is able to determine the overall health of the patient and evaluate treatment needs. They may also communicate with family members to further understand the state of the patient and form situational objectives.

Job Responsibilities

  • Determine if patient treatment is consistent with the overall symptoms and diagnoses
  • Create detailed patient status reports and evaluate findings
  • Develop treatment and discharge plans that include patient and facility expectancies
  • Collaborate with clinical staff and discharge planning team to coordinate patient care
  • Communicate pre-arranged discharge plans to facilitate optimal treatment
  • Identify potential care management beneficiaries and provide referrals

Qualifications and Skills

  • Active LPN or RN license
  • Clinical and managed care experience preferred
  • Utilization management experience preferred

Concurrent Review Nurses must possess strong computer, documentation, and communication skills in order to effectively understand and record patient information. They will also be responsible for inspecting both handwritten and computer-generated documents while prioritizing tasks effectively.