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Clinical Product Design Nurse

We are looking for nurse practitioners with a passion for improving healthcare products and devices. Clinical product design nurses will bring their medical training to assist a company in the development of new clinical technology to help patients. The ideal candidate would possess at least a couple years of clinical work experience, familiarity with medical research processes, a firm grasp of new developments in the field, a collaborative attitude, and an innovative spirit.

Main Responsibilities

  • Translating medical literature and research findings to create, improve, and build clinical products with a design team
  • Using knowledge of medical terminology to develop copy for product catalogs or manuals
  • Researching medical journals to seek out new areas for product development
  • Assessing product functionality and finding ways to improve it
  • Collaborating with various members of the company (product designers, marketing team, software engineers) to develop and maintain successful products

 Education & Experience

  • Certification as a nurse practitioner
  • 2-3 years clinical work experience (can be residency and internship)
  • Expertise with medical research databases and new publications
  • Proficiency with project management software like Microsoft Office and Google docs
  • Experience with clinical quality improvement a plus

This position is for forward-thinking, innovative individuals who are passionate about improving the state of health care. A clinical product design nurse will be working closely with several different teams, and so must possess excellent written and verbal communication skills. To fulfill the main responsibilities successfully, a candidate must be self-motivated, hard-working, and creative.