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Claims Adjuster

No industry relies on insurance quite like healthcare, and as a healthcare claims adjuster, it’s your job to deal with the insurance side of medicine. A healthcare claims adjuster is responsible for processing and authorizing the payment of medical claims, negotiating bills on an as-needed basis, and monitoring medical bills to make sure there are no errors in billing or items which aren’t covered by insurance.

To become a medical claims adjuster, you’ll generally need to have a bachelor’s degree in some sort of medical field. Along with this, you’ll often be required to have some level of healthcare experience. Depending on where you’re trying to work as a medical claims adjuster, you may even be required to carry some sort of license or certificate.

Regarding skills, a medical claims adjuster needs to have excellent written and verbal communication skills. Interpersonal relations are an important part of being a claims adjuster. However, it’s also important to have strong analytical skills since a big part of a claim adjuster’s job is scrutinizing medical bills. If you’re a person who has a knack for spotting errors in long lists—similarly to how editors proofread text—this would be a good career for you.

The first step on the path to becoming a medical claims adjuster is to choose which degree you’re going to get. Once you’ve got your degree, you should find a job in the healthcare field and start to build relevant experience. After you’ve got plenty of experience, you can earn any necessary licenses and certificates to become a medical claims adjuster.