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Claims Adjuster

Healthcare claims adjusters oversee the insurance side of medicine. Claims adjusters need to know individuals’ stories to assess situations; therefore, candidates must have excellent interpersonal skills and be strong writers and verbal communicators. Furthermore, because claims adjusters focus on medical bill specifics, their detail-oriented and analytical strengths will shine in this non-clinical role.

Job Responsibilities

  • Provide excellent customer service 
  • Examine medical bills and authorize claim payments
  • Review insurance policies and proofread billing lists
  • Ensure no billing or itemized errors are made that aren’t covered by insurance 
  • Resolve claims and negotiate medical bills, as needed

Qualifications and Skills 

  • Bachelor’s degree related to the medical field is preferred but not required
  • Background in healthcare strongly encouraged 
  • License or certification may be needed, depending on state requirements

The healthcare industry relies heavily on the insurance world, making the work of a claims adjuster essential. Because the job involves billing authorization and loss assessment, claim adjusters must fulfill their responsibilities with accuracy and compassion. If you’re passionate about connecting with people and guiding them through the insurance process, this would be a great career for you.