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Bianca Torres, Retail Recruiter

Michelle J. was laid off in early December. She had been working with the company for about 4 years, when new management came in and did a massive lay-off. When I called Michelle about a position I had for her in the area she was just so excited. A few days later I called her with an interview request and quickly her excitement changed to nervousness. She was concerned because she hadn’t been on an interview for so long, but I assured her I’d be with her every step of the way. The day of her interview came and I could tell she was nervous, but I reassured her that she had the experience to do this job she just had to go in a prove it.

After the interview she called to tell me the interview had gone well, but she was a little uneasy about the assessment she’d taken. She thanked me for all my help. A few days later I called her with great news, and when she answered she sounded as though she had just woken up, when I told her I was calling her to offer her the position her tired voice turned into pure excitement! She was screaming and laughing with joy. She was so grateful and happy, it made me smile just to hear the excitement in her voice over the phone. Now, she has been working for a couple of weeks and absolutely loves it!

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