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Behavioral Case Manager

A behavioral case manager in the healthcare field is primarily a social worker who works with clients who have behavioral disorders such as, drug or substance abuse, eating disorders, or other mental illnesses detrimental to their health. They are responsible for creating and coordinating treatment plans suited to each individual client. Helping clients achieve their set goals and overall success are cornerstones of being a behavioral case manager.


  • A current, unrestricted RN license in your state of residence is required
  • Entry level behavioral case manager positions require a Bachelor’s degree at the very minimum, and often require at least some experience in a related healthcare field such as acute care or coaching members with psychiatric disorders
  • Mid-level and higher behavioral case manager positions require a Bachelor’s degree in a related field, and a few years’ experience in case management and a related field like case management or coaching members with psychiatric disorders is required.

Job Duties

  • Creation of both long and short term treatment plans for clients
  • Assisting clients to set achievable goals to aid in their recovery
  • Coordinate resources required to help clients achieve success
  • Education and support of the client through both face-to-face assessment and home visits
  • Assesses and fixes gaps in client care, and determines additional needs or requirements related to a specific clients disease or disorder

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