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Appointment Scheduler

An appointment scheduler organizes patient appointments, schedules procedures, and coordinates office visits according to physician and patient availability. For new patients, appointment schedulers may be required to accept and update medical records as well as process insurance information for verification. Prior to a patient appointment, these medical professionals place outgoing calls to confirm, reschedule, or cancel visitations.

As the nature of this position requires appointment schedulers to accept payments, answer questions, and collect information in person and over the phone, these medical professionals must have strong communication skills along with multitasking abilities. 

Job Responsibilities

  • Receive incoming calls and place calls 
  • Evaluate physician schedules to organize appointments 
  • Schedule appointments 
  • Process referrals before scheduling new appointments 
  • Update and organize medical records  
  • Collect payments 
  • Perform administrative tasks as needed
  • Scan, fax, and print documents 

Qualifications and Skills 

  • High school diploma, GED, or equivalent experience 
  • Associate degree in a related field preferred 
  • 1+ years of customer service experience preferred  
  • 1+ years of experience in a healthcare setting preferred  
  • Proficiency with word processing software